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Supima® Cotton
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Founded in 1954, Supima® is the promotional organization of the American Pima cotton growers. The Board of Directors of this non-profit organization is composed of Pima growers from the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.


Supima®'s primary objective is to promote the increased consumption of American Pima cotton around the world. Supima® is a major sponsor of research programs to improve the quality of American Pima.Supima® also works closely with cotton industry organizations and government agencies to ensure a fair and viable marketingenvironment for American Pima cotton growers.

Over 300-fine count textile mills, manufacturers and retailers from around the world are licensed to use the Supima® brand; licenses are given only to select, high-quality textile mills, apparel and textile manufacturers, and retailers whose products are made of 100% American Pima cotton.


Supima® Cotton is a Longer Staple Length.The staple length of Supima® is 35% longer than regular cottons. This increases softness and luster. Fewer fiber ends are exposed, minimizing the effects of abrasion resulting in less pilling. It takes a premium fiber to produce a luxury product. Supima® Cotton growers know there are no shortcuts to quality. Often referred to as “the cashmere of cottons”, Supima® surpasses other cottons in softness, strength, and brilliance of color.