ANTI-WRINKLE wrinkle-resistant and non-iron

ANTI-WRINKLE wrinkle-resistant and non-iron
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| ANTI-WRINKLE wrinkle-resistant and non-iron

"ANTI-WRINKLE" anti-wrinkle shape stability processing fabric after washing did not show the shirt was washed by the wrinkles, to maintain the original form, "ANTI-WRINKLE" made a breakthrough in the development of anti-wrinkle-like sexual function, based on penetrating fabric fibers So that it will not be changed after repeated washing.

"ANTI-WRINKLE" after testing, confirmed its wrinkle effect

Through the infiltration of innovative technology infiltration of fiber "liquid ammonia treatment", fundamentally change all the cellulose fibers, including the nature of cotton, after use in a fixed form of the method of sewing to make the level of non-iron level more stable; this function has been Detect and be given a high degree of resistance to wrinkle stability.

Quality "ANTI-WRINKLE" anti-wrinkle shape stability processing fabric series features:

- anti-Zou
- Non-iron cloth