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Alumin Brushing_Cotton Wool fabric more than classic flannel, Flannel was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn with brushed to create softness. but is now Alumin Brushing_Cotton Wool is a high quality pure wool and cotton with Alumin Brush to a fabric that has been brushed on both sides to create extra softness. Fine reinterpretations of traditional weaves and patterns, Textured. Cotton and wool both fibers are from nature and possess similar properties such as good breathing properties. A blend with 30% wool gives cotton fabrics a new definition.


Cotton Wool fabric - is made of twisted yard of different colors. We used it to add some character to these fabric.

Cotton Wool fabric - is made of  yarns with nature spandex together. We think it gives classic wool fabric a little something extra.


Advantage of the Alumin Brushing  

- Create the perfect fabric appearance   

- Enriched and compact brushing effect on fabric surface

- Short and dense pile effect can be achieve on both face and back side of the fabric

- fabric surface is much more clean creating a better overall appearance

- extra soft, smooth and comfort handfeel